2021 Arbitrator Selection Criteria for Admittance to the Bucharest International Arbitration Court (BIAC) List of Arbitrators

Openings on the BIAC’s List of Arbitrators are extremely limited, based primarily on caseload needs and user preferences.  Consequently, even candidates with strong credentials may not be added to the BIAC’s arbitrators’ roster.


Applicants for membership on the BIAC List of Arbitrators must meet or exceed the following requirements:


(a)  Minimum of ten (10) years of international and/or Romanian arbitration experience.

(b)  Honours, awards and citations indicating leadership in your field.

(c)  Membership in arbitration professional association(s).

(d)  Other relevant experience or accomplishments (e.g., arbitrator with another arbitral institution, published articles).

(e)  Proven extensive expertise in a particular legal area, business sector or industry (such as but not limited to the pharmaceutical and construction industries, FIDIC contracts, the banking/financial and IT sectors, intellectual property disputes, etc.).



Letters from at least two (2) active arbitration professionals, but outside of any firms or professional associations in which you are employed or on which you currently serve as an officer, director or in an official capacity. Each letter should address the following:

(a)  Nature and duration of the relationship; and

(b)  Why the applicant would be qualified to serve.

Recommended sources for letters:

  1. Current BIAC arbitrator or member of BIAC’s Administrative Council,
  2. An attorney who served as your opposing counsel*, or
  3. Former employer or client.

*Letters of recommendation must be sent directly by the writers to the BIAC Secretariat at contact@bucharestarbitration.org.



Submit an English language letter to the BIAC Secretariat explaining why you feel you would like to be included on BIAC’s List of Arbitrators, along with a current English language CV, using the following email address: contact@bucharestarbitration.org.

Please feel free to contact the BIAC Secretariat should you have any questions.


Deadline for application: July 31, 2021.