List of Arbitrators

BIAC has an initial closed list of almost 60 Romania-based and foreign arbitrators, all with strong reputations, substantial professional experience and specializations in niche areas such as FIDIC/construction law, intellectual property (IP) rights and securities law.

The Governing Board prepares and updates the BIAC’s list of arbitrators, which shall include international/foreign arbitrators as well as local/Romanian arbitrators, with all decisions to appoint being made (i) pursuant to a majority decision of the then existing members of the Governing Board, and (ii) on the basis of those potential arbitrators nominated by the Administrative Council pursuant to applications received from interested arbitrators.

For the avoidance of doubt, on a yearly basis the Governing Board and the Administrative Council set a deadline (to be announced at least six months prior, which announcement shall also include the minimum required professional criteria and experience) for the nomination of new arbitrators or submission of requests to be included on the BIAC’s list of arbitrators, which nominations and requests shall also include the CVs of the respective attorneys.

Each arbitrator on the BIAC’s list of arbitrators is appointed for an initial three-year period, with subsequent re-appointments for an additional three-year period subject to the majority affirmative vote of the Governing Board, with no limitation on the number of three-year mandates.

With respect to then current mandates, pursuant to the recommendation of the Administrative Council, the Governing Board has the right to delete arbitrators from the BIAC’s list of arbitrators for cause, such as but not limited to the damaging of the reputation of the BIAC, pursuant to a majority decision of the then existing members of the Governing Board. With respect to any requested mandate renewals, pursuant to the recommendation(s) of the Administrative Council, the Governing Board have absolute discretion as to whether or not to renew mandates, without the obligation to provide any reason(s) in the event of a majority negative vote.

2018 Arbitrator Selection Criteria for Admittance to the Bucharest International Arbitration Court (BIAC) List of Arbitrators

List of arbitrators

APPOINTMENT PROCEDURE: In the event of an arbitration procedure which shall have an arbitral tribunal comprising three arbitrators, the appointing parties are kindly requested to inform the BIAC Secretariat a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to the date of the contemplated arbitrator appointment notification relating to the desired arbitrator, for purposes of allowing the BIAC Secretariat to verify said arbitrator’s availability and the lack of any conflict of interest, prior to the submission of the appointment notification.